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The MFF Podcast #50: Kurtchella, the Kurt Russell Special

March 15, 2016


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Go visit the episode that started it all:
Episode 1: Kurt Russell’s Best Sleeveless Roles.


SUMMARY:  This week we discuss our favorite movie icon, KURT RUSSELL.  We review our favorite Kurt Russell trivia, review six degrees from Kurt Russell to Elvis, the best DVD commentaries on the market, and our favorite moments from his earlier career with special emphasis on Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing, Used Cars, Escape from LA, his countless links to Elvis and other actors.


We also answer such important questions as…

“If Kurt Russell had won an academy award for any of his films, which one should it have been for?”
“What movies role would have been much better if Kurt Russell had gotten the part instead?”
“Why is Kurt Russell the worst loser ever and the best loser at the same time?”
“Did Kurt Russell really make that full court basketball free throw?”


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