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MFF Special: Vote for Your Favorite Kurt Russell Movie!

April 23, 2019

We here at MFF write a lot (here, here, here, here) about Kurt Russell, and we focus many podcast episodes on the guy (here, here, here and here). So, it’s only natural that we’re celebrating our 200th episode by covering the 1998 action film Soldier (you voted for it).


Since we want to make it a MASSIVE episode, we’re asking you to pick your three favorite Kurt Russell movies. This way we can talk about which movies you love the most. I set up the voting so you can pick your three favorite Russell films, because picking just one would be evil.

I believe he could drink the entire keg of Belgian beer by himself.

Thanks! Make sure to listen to the 200th episode when it’s released (also, if you’re bored, please rate, review and subscribe to the podcast as well).

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