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The MFF Podcast #51: 10 Deadpool Lane

March 22, 2016


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 The MFF Podcast #50: Kurtchella, the Kurt Russell Special



SUMMARY:  This week we discuss and dissect two fantastic movies, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Deadpool.  Enjoy our musings of R-rated comic movies, how John Goodman deserves an Oscar for Creepiest Actor, the long and tortured history of the Deadpool movie, and how Mary Elizabeth Winstead was a perfect combination of strong and scared.


We also answer such important questions as…

“How is it that we still haven’t seen Maniac Cop?”

“Did the cast of Deadpool have a little too much fun?”

“What’s the ideal buffness level for an action hero?”

“Would you have ever known this was a Cloverfield sequel”?

“What should the Broken Lizard team do for their next movie?”

 10 Cloverfield Lane Movie Poster

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