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The Captive (2014), not your typical Ryan Reynolds film…nor a very good one.

June 6, 2017

Unless you simply want to see Reynolds play more of a character than himself, this will likely disappoint you. Reynolds and the cast do fine, but the plot just isn’t compelling nor does anyone really get to shine.  MORE MOVIES LIKE The Captive:  There are so many better abduction films out there. I’d start with Ransom (1996), Prisoners (2013) or Gone Girl (2014).  There are also better Ryan Reynolds films out there.

First off, I feel the need to warn my fellow Ryan Reynolds (The Change-Up, Mississippi Grind, Deadpool, The Voices, Life) fans out there.  This is not a Ryan Reynolds movie.  It’s more of an ensemble cast featuring Rosario Dawson (Rent, Alexander), Scott Speedman (Underworld, Duets), and Kevin Durand (Resident Evil: Retribution, Smokin’ Aces, Mystery Alaska).

This film definitely took Reynolds out of his comfort zone (i.e., he didn’t play himself or anything even close to it).  He plays a father tortured by distrust and guilt.  After leaving his young daughter alone in the car at a pie shop, he returns to find she has vanished.  Reynolds does a more than convincing job falling apart as he is bombarded by accusations from investigators who think he was involved, blame from his wife, and the grief and disconnection any parent would experience under such dire circumstances.

The story then fast-forwards 8 years, when the investigators have come across images of whom they believe to be his kidnapped daughter…alive, and deeply embedded in an online pedophile organization.  Yeah, they went there.

The guilt and blame get pretty heavy, but I never found myself impressed with the story.  Reynolds’ character ends up in an uninspired chase scene finale and then things get resolved a little too quickly and conveniently for my taste.  I enjoyed this movie but, honestly, I think it’s just because I enjoy watching any Reynolds movie.  It was also interesting seeing Kevin Durand play something other than a big, strong, tough guy.  I guess this film allowed both of them to show their acting range a bit.

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