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Sing Street: A Fantastic Crowd Pleaser That Is Funny, Heartfelt and Cool

November 11, 2016



Have you ever told somebody you were in a band to impress them? If so, did you tell them they could be in your upcoming music video? Did they believe you? The answer is probably “no,” but that is the problem the hero of Sing Street finds himself in. Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) is a gawky 15-year old kid who has to start attending local state-school after his parents can no longer afford the expensive private school he was attending. At first things goes predictably awry, but after he blatantly lies to a beautiful girl named Raphina (Lucy Boynton) things start coming together for him. He puts together a band with the help of music maestro Eamon (Mark McKenna) and manager Danny (Ben Carolan) and together they mimic many musical genres, wear some very awkward clothes (it was the 1980s) and create some really fun music.



Sing Street is alive with fantastic pop music, charming performances and legitimate melancholy. I didn’t want the movie to end and immediately after the film ended I wanted to buy the soundtrack then watch it again. Director/writer John Carney (Once, Begin Again) experiences growing up in 1980s Dublin helped create a movie that is equal parts history lesson and love letter to the music of the 1980s. The costumes, haircuts and musical choices all feel authentic and I love how Carney deals earnestly with the musical proceedings.


There is an authenticity to Sing Street and I love how the characters come together and prove themselves more than their initial introduction. For instance, Conor’s brother Brendan (Jack Reynor – really good) comes across as a slacker music enthusiast, but as the film progresses you see he has a keen sense of human nature and his observations about their parents relationships are spot on. You begin to cheer for the guy and respect the fact that he is helping his brother move forward in life. I love the little character moments in Sing Street because in those tiny moments you learn a lot about who these characters are. Jack Reynor was actually sold on the film by one line that Carney wrote.


Do yourself a favor and check out Sing Street. It is a wonderfully nostalgic breath of fresh air that will put a smile on your face.




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