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The MFF Podcast #80: Kicks, Cutlery and Kitchen Fights

December 16, 2016


Hello all. Mark here.

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The MFF podcast is back and we are talking about cinematic kitchen fights! The cinematic kitchen fight is an underutilized aspect of filmmaking. When done right the kitchen fight can be a thing of beauty because there are plenty of props, weapons and burning stoves in which to inflict pain. There are endless possibilities to kitchen warfare and I love how items like skillets can become deadly in the hands of assassins. In this podcast you will hear about a plethora of brawls that involves lettuce, apples and really cool fight stances.


Please watch The Raid movies.

As always we answer random questions and discuss whether or not JCVD can pull off spin kicks in tiny kitchens.  It is an entertaining 90-minutes that will change your perception of kitchens and hopefully motivate you to watch and embrace some bonkers fights.

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