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The 10 Best 2016 Films That You Can Stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime

December 29, 2016

Hello all. Mark here.

The universe is currently being flooded by “best of” lists that feature a plethora of great movies. You’ve decided to watch the majority of them, but you have no idea how you can watch Moonlight, The Handmaiden and Everybody Wants Some!! on the same day. If you hunted down all these films and scoured the local cinemas you’d end up spending a lot of money and covering many miles to watch them. So, I’ve decided to search through the streaming sites and put together a list of fantastic 2016 films that can watch and potentially add to your “best of” list.


Watch Sing Street like you stole it….Check out the movie and you will understand.

Here are the 10 best 2016 films that you can currently stream (In no particular order).

Sing Street – Netflix

Sing Street is pure bliss. Director John Carney (Once, Begin Again) has created another fantastic musical yarn that will put a smile on your face. If you are into good music, likable characters and more good music it doesn’t get any better than Sing Street.


Love & Friendship – Amazon Prime 

Love & Friendship is a breath of fresh costume drama/comedy air. Jane Austen’s unpublished novella is in perfect hands with director Whit Stillman and the two seem beautifully suited for each other. Kate Beckinsale is a delight, and I hope she is remembered come awards time. She is perfection in the film and it bums me out that she had been stuck in the Underworld world so long.


The Lobster – Amazon Prime

The Lobster is weird, violent and hilarious. It might be one the best comedies released in years and I really hope that Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz are remembered come awards time. If you are into movies that use toasters as evil punishment devices you will love every second of The Lobster.


Green Room – Amazon Prime

Green Room is the best thriller of 2016  and it proves that director Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin) is an amazing director. I’ve watched Green Room three times now and it just keeps getting better and better.  It is a layered and brutal thriller that is heavy on character and ugly violence.


The Wailing – Netflix

The Wailing is horror perfected. It is an immersive experience that hurts the soul and proves horror movies can be great films. Director Na Hong-jin has made an absolute classic that will be a staple of the genre for years to come. You need to watch The Wailing because it is the best horror film of 2016 and you probably already have Netflix so it will be free. Also, watching it at home gives you the luxury of being able to pause it when things get too intense.


Captain America: Civil War – Netflix

Captain America: Civil War is a perfect popcorn film that features fun fights, giant Ants and the best villainous moment of 2016 (no spoilers). If you are looking for a massive blockbuster that delivers the goods you need to watch it. Also, if you are into powerful beings who wear fitted sweaters you will love Civil War. 


Zootopia – Netflix

Zootopia took over the world with massive box office numbers and near universal praise. I love how it successfully built a new world, introduced a lot of new characters (Flash the Sloth!) and features an intriguing mystery. Zootopia is an absolute delight that proves we are in an animated renaissance.


The Witch – Amazon Prime

The Witch is the rare horror film that has been discussed come awards time. It is genuinely good (think the 1970s horror heyday) and features an authenticity rarely seen in horror.  It is crazy tense and filled with imagery you will never forget (think baby goo). I loved how memorable and original The Witch is, and I think the fresh setting and insane moments will eventually become iconic. It is a tough watch but if you like layered horror you should check out The Witch.


Into the Inferno – Netflix

Werner Herzog + Volcanoes = Awesome. If you are into documentaries and lava you will love Into the Inferno. I’ve always said that Herzog is my spirit animal and I love every second of his sage narration and bonkers worldviews. Watch Into the Inferno, then check out all of his other documentaries because they are awesome. Watch the trailer!


Hush – Netflix

You need to watch Hush. It is a fantastic cat-and-mouse thriller that features great performances from John Gallagher Jr. and Kate Siegel. What I love about Hush is how it creates a terrifying new killer that isn’t explained away via expository dialogue. It you are into mirco-budgeted horror films that hit above their weight you will really enjoy Hush and all its awesomeness.


Honorable mentions!

  1. Morris From America – Amazon Prime
  2. Elvis & Nixon – Amazon Prime
  3. Jungle Book – Netflix
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