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The MFF Podcast #84: Sci-Fi Past & Present, The Arrival (1996) and Arrival (2016)

December 30, 2016


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arrival the_arrival_movie_poster

Summary: In our first installment of Sci-Fi Past & Present (Episode 81), we discussed two positively bonkers epic-scale sci-fi films: The Fifth Element (1997) and Jupiter Ascending (2015).  This week we reflect on the occasionally wacky yet straight-faced The Arrival (1996), and the serenely intellectual and humanized experience of Arrival (2016). It is a rollicking 90-minutes that focuses on Charlie Sheen’s flat top, some great scissor lift cameos and a very useful whiteboard!



As always we answer the tough questions in this podcast!  For example…

“Was weaponized global warming really as subtle as those aliens thought?”

“How was that astronomer’s hair always so perfectly manicured?”

“Why do I love seeing Latin Charlie Sheen and Latin Ron Silver so much?”


We really hope you enjoy the pod and embrace a lot of arrivals! If you like the random answers to the random questions make sure to send in your own random questions that we can randomly answer.


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