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Shin Godzilla: Bureaucracy and the Beast

May 2, 2017


Shin Godzilla tells the story of the Japanese government learning how to defeat a familiar creature that can’t be stopped. It’s not everyday that a giant creature comes from the sea and wrecks havoc on Tokyo. It most certainly isn’t expected that this creature evolves at an alarming rate and is virtually impenetrable to any weapon. Thus, the government elite (AKA many many people) and a rogue grouping of beautiful minds spend countless months figuring the creature out and learning how to exploit any weaknesses. It is an inspired take on Godzilla-lore and I love how it takes a classic creature and brings it successfully into the modern world.  Shin Godzilla won Best Picture at the Japanese version of the Academy Awards and has deserved the praise heaped upon it.

I had no clue what to expect when I watched Shin Godzilla. I’ve been so conditioned to monster mayhem, rubber suits and random naps that I figured I would be watching more of the same. However, as the film progressed I dug how the focus was more on the dozens of people trying to deal with an unknown and dangerous threat. Every situation and idea are covered and I appreciated the systematic nature and political satire that take us down a rabbit hole of jurisdiction, more jurisdiction and American’s wanting to drop nuclear bombs.

What I like about this version of Godzilla is how it evolves in front of our eyes. It begins as a slimy little thing that crawls around Tokyo and smashes various cars, buildings and unlucky pedestrians. It eventually starts walking and resembles a big-eyed/bug lizard that doesn’t know what to do with its growing body. Eventually, its arms unfold from its massive body and it starts to resemble the Godzilla that we know and love. This fully grown version of Godzilla is a lumbering giant who shoots lasers out of pretty much everywhere and doesn’t have an interest in property destruction. It just seems to be milling about in a hungover fog while people shoot missiles at it.


If you are looking for all-out monster mayhem that has a total disregard for plot, character and science (think Pacific Rim) you probably won’t love Shin Godzilla. However, if you like political satire, laser lights shows and a new spin on Godzilla it is worth a watch!


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  1. May 2, 2017 9:15 am

    I enjoyed Shin Godzilla as well, it was a refreshing take on the familiar themes, and the effects were really good.

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