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Set It Up: A Feel-Good Romantic Comedy You Should Check Out on Netflix

July 3, 2018

Set It Up may come across as a breezy little thing that gets by on cast chemistry and an adherence to old-school romantic comedy tropes (airports are featured). It certainly is breezy and loaded with talent, but it’s worth noting there is a reason why movies like this don’t come along very often — they are hard to make. Director Claire Scanlon (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Suburgatory, The Office) and writer Katie Silberman (How To Be Single – Producer) should be applauded for putting together a great cast and nailing the direction and writing.  In lesser hands, Set It Up could’ve been a perfectly mediocre little thing that features two good-looking people falling in love — while they try to make other good-looking people fall in love. However, Scanlon helps the movie earn its 94% Tomatometer score by embracing (not copying) romantic comedy tropes, keeping the pace brisk and getting very charming performances from Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Lui, Taye Diggs, and everyone else in the movie.

They need to be in more movies together.

The movie takes place in New York City and focuses on two twenty-something assistants trying to hook their horrible bosses up so they can have more free time. Harper (Zoey Deutch) works for famous sportswriter Kirsten (Lucy Lui) — a take-no-prisoners writer who made her name by uncovering the dirty secrets in the sports world.  Charlie (Glen Powell) is stuck with a powerful financier named Rick (Taye Diggs) who only drinks whiskey that is over $200 and has been stringing poor Charlie along for three years of demeaning assistant work. The two assistants meet during one of their long nights of working in the same building (how haven’t they met before?) and are initially frosty towards each other until they come up with a plan to hook up their bosses. Their plan leads to romantic comedy shenanigans involving baseball game kiss-cams, constant lying, and an unfortunate elevator instance that ends with a naked man peeing in some shot glasses.

It’s impossible to dislike Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell who between their roles in Hidden Figures, Scream Queens, Flower, and Everybody Wants Some!! (Great movie – they are both in it) have proven themselves to be super charismatic and likable. The two have immediate chemistry during their meet-cute involving delivered food for their bosses and I loved watching them deliver the super-quippy dialogue with ease. Their banter is reminiscent of rom-com classics like When Harry Met Sally, Annie Hall, and The Apartment, but it never feels stock or mimicked. Another fun aspect of Set It Up is how it allows the strong supporting cast to thrive and make meals out of tiny moments. Take a look at the trailer and you will see what I mean


Set It Up is a charming movie that deserves a watch and hopefully springboards Deutch and Powell’s career into bigger and just as good things. If you are looking for a fun romantic comedy it doesn’t get any better and I guarantee you will really enjoy it.




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