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John’s Horror Corner: Pigster (2019), a low budget, slimy and raunchy flick about a pig demon.

March 21, 2020

MY CALL: If you have seen other films by John Lechago, you know what you’re in for… a low budget that only stretches its dollar on slimy gore effects and boobage. These movies are cheap and, perhaps, guilty pleasures at best. MORE MOVIES LIKE Pigster: Ridiculous monstrously anthropomorphic demon movies like Poultrygeist (2006) and Rottentail (2018) come to mind. Also, for similar style and quality movies (i.e., slimy gore and raunchy nudity), try Blood Gnome (2004) and BioSlime (2010).

Well, after only one minute of running time I was exposed to a momentary Biblical history of demons, a laughable attempt at a CGI Hellscape, a pig demon on a motorcycle, and a montage of writhing breasts. And when we are immediately introduced to “Pigster” the pig demon (John Karyus; Poultrygeist, Lo, V/H/S 2), all I can think is that it looks like Slimer from the Ghostbusters (1984) slimed Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (1991) with just a touch of Pox from Legend (1985).

Right away, all seriousness is thrown out the window. As Pigster speaks, the creature’s mouth (and entire jaw) bobs up and down from the actor’s ill-fitted mask; and his rubber gloves bend and fold as his articulates his cloven hoof hands. Glazed and shiny with snot-like ooze, the demon negotiates with The Dealer (Robert Davi; Maniac Cop 2-3, Predator 2) to gather him more victims—i.e., naked women cowering around his torture chamber in cages (including Victoria De Mare; BioSlime, Killjoy Goes to Hell)—so that he may sacrifice their flesh to “the beast.”

The Dealer works as a palm reader of sorts, recruiting college students to sign a contract, make a wish, and experience mystic rites. The Dealer’s victims are then hunted by Pigster, but they also receive some warning and help from The Messenger (Clint Howard; Ticks, Evilspeak, Ice Cream Man, Leprechaun 2).

Directors John Lechago (BioSlime, Blood Gnome, Killjoy 3) and Al Burke boldly drop a film of only 64 minutes! From a filmmaking perspective, there’s nothing good about this movie—nothing. Sure, it’s entertaining. But it’s bad all over. All of the Hellish fantasy scapes appear to be recruited from 90s videogames and the writing is abhorrent—every time the characters interact, it pains me. However, much like BioSlime (2010), every effort was made to do as much gross, gruesome, gory effects as possible with every dollar spent. It may be of an obviously tiny budget, but the work was definitely put in with respect to the gore department.

Fake slimy bones and animal organs abound Pigster’s chopping block. All told, this is mildly entertaining cheap schlock.

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