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The MFF 2020 Mid-Year Random Awards: A Celebration of Sandwiches, Dancing and Eyeball Explosions

July 5, 2020

The MFF random awards are back, and this edition is covering the first half of 2020 cinema! It’s been an odd year for movies as the pandemic has delayed dozens of releases, and allowed smaller films to thrive on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and VOD. The good news is we’ve had zero problems coming up with the creative awards that you’ve been accustomed to since 2011, because there’s been copious amounts of fun films that gave us some excellent material.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the randomness! Also, make sure to listen to the latest MFF podcast that celebrates all things 2020 and random.

Best Usage of TrianglesGretel and Hansel

The Oz Perkins (The Blackcoat’s Daughter) directed film features a plethora of triangles. You will love it.

Best Punches to the back of the headIp Man 4: The Final Fight

I can now say that I’ve seen Donnie Yen fight Scott Adkins in a movie.

Most Stylish Running The Gentlemen

Charlie Hunnam is excellent in The Gentlemen, and he does some A+ running.

Best dancing in a Vietnam barda Five Bloods

Before things get explosive, director Spike Lee does a great job of creating joy.

Best flour fightBloodshot

Bloodshot is an underrated action film, check out this badass flour fight.

Best BadassThe Hunt

Betty Gilpin is really good in The Hunt. Her character is one of my favorite 2020 movie characters.

Best Hallway Fight The Invisible Man

Between Upgrade and The Invisible Man, director Leigh Whannel has created some excellent action set pieces.

Best Henchman SquishBad Boys for Life

Start the clip at the 2:00 minute mark and you’ll see a most excellent henchman squish.

Best Usage of an Unseemly Amount of Rocket launchers EXTRACTION

There are so many rocket launchers in Extraction.

Best eyeball explosionSea Fever

Sea Fever is an excellent film that features a GIGANTIC sea creature. It also features eyeballs exploding – it’s great.

Best Head SquishVFW

VFW is an incredibly violent film that features some glorious smashing of heads. Start the clip at the 2:00 minute mark to see what I mean.

Best Grenade Award Fantasy Island

Grenades play a very important role in Fantasy Island.

Best Cumbersome and Cool Looking Suits Underwater

The suits in Underwater reportedly weighed 100 pounds, and their bulk looked pretty neat onscreen.

Best Skiing Impersonation Sonic the Hedgehog

Jim Carrey is really good in Sonic the Hedgehog. Watch the clip, you’ll see some old school Carrey physicality.

This award is courtesy of David Cross. Make sure to check out The Award Wieners Movie Review Podcast.

Best Arbitrary Abstract Structure in a Snowy Wasteland: the (probably hallucinated) cross-shaped “house”The Lodge

The building is super obvious, but it works because it’s so on the nose. The Lodge is a lot of fun. Thank you Jonny Numb for the award!

Best Use of a Breakfast Sandwich as a Plot Catalyst Birds of Prey

I really want to eat the sandwich. Who cares if the cheese is way too old.

Best Bill Nighy Usage AwardEmma

Bill Nighy is very good in Emma, the movie uses him perfectly.

Best Cave Singing – The Trip to Greece

I’d listen to Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon sing in caves for hours. I love The Trip to Greece.

Best Movie to Watch if You’ve Hurt Your Back and are Stuck Lying on the Couch AwardEurovision Song contest: The Story of Fire.

Thank you John Leavengood for this award!

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