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The 2022 Random Awards – Celebrating the Best Moments and Movies of 2022

December 30, 2022

The 2022 year end Random Awards have arrived! 2022 ended strong and I had a fun time creating creative random awards that showcase some of my favorite films and moments of 2022. If you enjoy these awards, make sure to check out the 2022 mid-year random awards for more randomness

Best Grocery Store Dancing Award – White Noise

Noah Baumbach’s film isn’t for everyone, but I really enjoyed the experience. 

Best Bit Involving a Tape Measure Award – Barbarian 

Listen, give Justin Long a Best Support Actor Oscar nomination for his performance in Barbarian.

Best Descent Into Insanity Award – Mad God

Phil Tippett is a maniac and I appreciate him. Mad God is beautiful, gross and unique. 

Best Donkey Award – EO

EO is beautifully filmed, and it totally deserved the Jury Prize at Cannes. 

Best Selling of a Sliced Back Award- The Woman King

The Woman King is really good and I’m happy that director Gina Prince-Bythewood is getting lots of press. Also, Viola Davis gets slashed in the back during a fight scene and she sells the heck out of it. 

Best Kitchen Fight Involving Scott Adkins and a Vampire Award – Day Shift

Best kitchen fight of the year! 

Best Digging Request Award- A Love Song

Dale Dickey and Wes Studi are so good in A Love Song. Watch it. 

Best Moment Involving Phoenix’s Nina Hoss Award- Tár

I know that most of the press surrounding the film is going towards Cate Blanchett. However, it can’t be ignored that Phoenix’s Nina Hoss is in it too. 

Best Cliff Curtis Playing An Incredibly Rich Person Award – Murina

Murina is one of my favorite 2022 films and I loved seeing Cliff Curtis playing a billionaire in it. 

Best Father/Daughter Award – Aftersun

Aftersun is a beautiful soulcrusher and I love the chemistry between Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio.

Best Audition Scene That Leads to Chaos Award – Pearl

Listen y’all, when a maniac auditions for a role, maybe consider giving it to her. She won’t be happy when she doesn’t get it. It’s trouble either way. 

Best Usage of the Color Red Award – A Wounded Fawn

Red is used to perfection in A Wounded Fawn. Listen to my interview with star Josh Ruben – it’s a good time.  

Best Moment Involving a Killer Whale Catapulting Someone Into the Air Award – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

I never thought I’d see a killer whale shoot a warrior into the air with its tail. I have now!

Best Salt Lick for Ghosts Award – Deadstream

Deadstream is a great time. Kudos to Joseph Winter for keeping up the energy and creating a memorable character. 

Best Takeout Sushi Award – Decision to Leave

Decision to Leave is my favorite 2022 film. It is wonderful. 

Best Pushups Award – The Inspection

Top Gun: Maverick was the #1 contender for the pushups award, but then I saw The Inspection

The Good Afternoon Award – Spirited

Spirited is a bloated movie that is too long and probably too expensive. However, I love the “Good Afternoon” song. 

Best Giant Monster Movie Award – Troll

Troll is a near perfect monster movie. Watch it now! Seriously, watch it then listen to our podcast episode about it. 

Best TV Purchasing Award – Emily the Criminal 

Audrey Plaza is so good in Emily the Criminal. She’s great at buying televisions. 

Best Avoidance of Admitting That You Grew Up in an Upper Middle Class Household Award – Bodies Bodies Bodies

The “Upper Middle Class” bit in Bodies Bodies Bodies continues to make me happy. Such a great moment. 

Best Die Hard 2-esque Action Film Award – Violent Night

Violent Night features snowmobiles, John Leguizamo, double-crosses, and lots of snow. It’s wonderful.

Best V-Neck Award – Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Edward Norton wears a great v-neck in Glass Onion.

Best Usage of a 2:1 Aspect Ratio – Smile

Smile features a bunch of people smiling and it looks great with the 2:1 aspect ratio. 

Scariest Character Award – Bones and All 

Sully (Mark Rylance) has haunted my dreams. Dude is a maniac. 

Here are some random awards from some wonderful MFF contributors.

Jay Cluiit (@LifevsFilm on Twitter)

  • Most Surprising Supporting Actor MVP of the Year – Alex Ferns (Commissioner Pete Savage in The Batman & Mosk in Andor, he’s mainly known in the UK as a villainous wife-beater in Eastenders in the early 2000s)
  • Best Use of Con Air – The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
  • Most Disappointing Use of a Jetski – Shark Bait
  • Best Birthing Sequence – Men
  • Best Origin Story for an Inanimate Object – Water bottle in Bullet Train
  • The Most Effort Put Into A Film I Loved But Never Want To Watch Again: Phil Tippett, Mad God

Aaron Neuwirth (@AaronsPS4 on Twitter)

  • Best Donkey – tie: EO/The Banshees of Inisherin
  • Best Sandcastle Destruction – Empire of Light
  • Best Tiger Throw – RRR
  • The Office Space Award for Celebration of Inanimate Objects – Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • Best Pool Cleaning – Causeway
  • Best Bar Mitzvah Movie – Cha Cha Real Smooth
  • Best Use of Menorah in a film over 2 hours – The Fabelmans
  • Aaron Neuwirth
  • Wettest movie of the year – avatar: rise of space whales

Lisa L. (@foolishminion20 on Twitter)

  • Most Batshit Bonkers Movie of the Year: Barbarian
  • Honorable mention to Moonfall, which originated the term

Jonny Numb (@jonnynumb on Twitter)

  • Best Hand Acting – Zoe Kravitz dries off the sanitizer in KIMI
  • Most Unsettling Dental Prosthetics (tie) – Rory Kinnear in MEN; Mark Rylance in BONES AND ALL
  • Worst Use of a Great Ensemble – AMSTERDAM
  • Creepiest Fidgeting – Kristen Stewart in CRIMES OF THE FUTURE
  • Most Formidable Opponent in a Big-Budget Action Flick – Joey King in BULLET TRAIN

Joey Lewandowski (@soulpopped on Twitter)

  • best dance scene to start a movie: After Yang
  • best dance scene to end a movie: White Noise
  • best cheeseburger: The Menu
  • best donkey: jenny in The Banshees of Inisherin
  • best podcaster: rachel sennott as alice in Bodies Bodies Bodies
  • best movie remix: the Timekeepers of Eternity
  • best use of a voice assistant: Alexa in Kimi

Megan H

  • The Don’t Write this down award – Thirteen Lives
  • Family business producing products in precision engineering…employed in upholding democracy all over the world – Triangle of Sadness / Are you going to eat the pasta award – Triangle of sadness
  • Trash can destruction award – White Noise
  • Everyone knows love is the most important ingredient award  – The Menu
  • Best knife on a leash – The Woman King, Prey
  • Best reflection shots – Aftersun 
  • I’m very bad at dumb things Award – Knives Out: Glass Onion 
  • I am not putting the donkey outside when I’m sad award – Banshees of innishirin
  • Upper middle class award – Bodies Bodies Bodies

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  1. January 1, 2023 4:46 pm

    Awesome list. Glad to see Emily the Criminal on it, that was surprisingly good.

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