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Mark’s Desert Island Films: A Fantastic Oasis of Cinema

June 22, 2011

Hello all, Mark here. Being stuck on an island has long been a staple of television and cinema. Lost, Cast Away, Gilligan’s Island, Lord of the Flies and The Blue Lagoon all used the solitary island tropes to full effect. However, you can’t help but wonder whether life would have been easier if  they could have popped in a copy of Anchorman and forgot about the trials, tribulations and certain death of island life.  I understand the impossible logistics but I am choosing to ignore them. If everything worked out perfectly and you could bring ten films to an island what would you bring?

I compiled a list of ten films that are not my necessarily my favorite films. They are movies that  I can watch over and Enjoy the list and let me know what you would take to a desert island.

1. Hot Fuzz

This movie gets better and better every time you watch it. I will have a lot of free time on the island so I will need to have a movie that always feels fresh. Also, I can practice shooting two bananas in the air whilst yelling An added bonus is the blu ray has five commentaries, multiple documentaries and bueno bloopers.

2. Dazed and Confused

When I first discovered this flick on VHS I watched it every day for several weeks. It has a relaxed vibe, fantastic music (Foghat!!) and many interesting characters (Wooderson!). An added bonus is that it has an amazing soundtrack.

3. The Life Aquatic

I needed a Bill Murray film. I needed a Wes Anderson film. I needed Portuguese covers of David Bowie. So, I chose The Life Aquatic. It is a fantastically layered film with a great soundtrack.

Also, I needed a movie with a shark in it. Jaws is my favorite film but I think I would watch The Life Aquatic more.

4. Evolution

I’ve watched Evolution more than any other film.  During my sophomore year of college it was on HBO everyday and instead of doing homework I’d marvel at Seann William Scott’s singing. I love the dialogue between David Duchovny and Orlando Jones and this film always makes me laugh.

5. Invincible

If a substitute teacher/bartender can make it onto the Philadelphia Eagles then a former sub/bouncer can survive on a lonely desert island. Invincible inspired me to make a move to Korea and get on with my life. Watching it on the island could motivate to build huts, juggle coconuts and do seventy pull ups on a palm tree. The music is really good as well.

6. Anchorman

They filmed so much there are two movies. I will have four hours of  Burgundy making me laugh. Also, If Ron Burgundy is able to adapt to the new world I can do it to.  There are so many funny one liners I’d need years to memorize them all.

7. Jumper

Picking Jumper as one of my desert island films is bonkers. The reason I picked this film is because when I moved to Korea I got terribly lost in my new city. I was freezing, confused and somehow managed to buy like 17 pastries from a vendor when I only wanted one. THEN IT HAPPENED!!! I found the downtown area and I saw a movie theater. Needing a break from the cold I watched the film Jumper and ate another seven pastries. The film will be key when adapting to a new environment.

8. The Truman Show

I’m figuring this movie could help keep me sane (or incredibly paranoid) . I would just pretend it was a TV show and that I was being filmed. I bet Tom Hanks wouldn’t have adopted a ball as his best friend if he knew people were watching. Also, the movie is incredibly engrossing so for two hours I could forget about Lilliputians harassing me.

9. The 13th Warrior

One thing that is crucial to every island is Vikings.  The 13th Warrior is a great film involving a non-viking traveling far distances to fight with vikings. They cross vast distances to do battle with thousands of angry warriors and somehow manage to survive. At the very least it would be motivation to not be such a wimp. Also, they did some gnarly defenses around their city. It could help when I build my structure.

10. Hot Shots Part Deux

Hot Shots Part Deux never gets old. Watching Charlie Sheen decide whether he should use gummy bears or sprinkles in battle  is a solid gold moment of comedy. Charlie Sheen also improvises well in this film (Chicken arrow, throw bullets, choke snake) so I can learn how to adapt in the worst situations an island can throw at me.

Honorable mentions

This is Spinal Tap, Predator, Hot Rod, Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl, The Sure Thing, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Princess Bride, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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  1. June 22, 2011 11:56 am

    Not in any specific order:

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    The Party (w/ Peter Sellers)
    Apocalypse Now (for when I want to blow my brains out on said island)
    Skin Deep (John Ritter)
    Revenge of the Nerds
    Young Frankenstein
    O Brother Where Art Thou?
    Shaun of the Dead (or Hot Fuzz but I didn’t want to steal from you)
    Club Paradise (Robin Williams and Peter O’Toole… friggin hilarious)

    And I don’t believe you asked but that’s my list.

  2. June 22, 2011 5:20 pm

    Great list! I do regret not having a Mel Brooks film. The O’Brother music is great as well.

  3. jonny permalink
    June 22, 2011 6:52 pm

    High fidelity, last of the mohicans, shawshank redemption and swingers….. they’re money baby!


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