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Top 5 Survival Guide

September 29, 2011

My buddy VJ sent me a random text the other day that simply said “Top 5 characters you would want with you in a survival situation.”

If you’ve read the blog for a while you know we are always putting together top five lists or football teams with movie characters. I love putting the lists together and we’ve actually come up with some great lists. Whether it be a Horror, Sci-Fi, Animated or Romantic Comedy football team.  Hofmeyer’s 11 or Desert Island Picks and John’s Island Picks.

VJ eventually sent me his picks

VJ’s Top 5 Survival Movie Characters…

1. Anthony Hopkins “The Edge” He’s old, he’s slow, he’s a billionaire. However he seems to know everything about everything. If I’m lost in the woods I want to be with a guy who knows how to make a compass out of a paperclip and a leaf. Fun fact from the movie: Anthony Hopkins character even knows that most people lost in the woods die of Shame. I had no idea…

‎2. Ice T “Surviving the Game” Rich guys from the city who hunt bums on the weekends, but this time they chose the wrong bum. Somehow Ice T (who in the beginning is only armed with his bare hands) beats experienced hunters armed with fancy guns, 4 wheelers, and dirt bikes?! That’s a guy I want on my team

‎3. Burt Reynolds “Deliverance” I think that ones goes without explanation!

‎4. Kurt Russell “Escape from New York” How can you lose if your guides name is Snake Plissken?! Give him a sidekick named Schmitzky, and I’d be willing to bet those two could get anyone out of any situation

5. My final pic is a bit of a wildcard, but I’m going to go with Johnny Depp’s character from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” Not really sure why I picked this one, but a guy who can handle that many drugs and make it out of Las Vegas alive, I don’t know just have a good feeling about him…

I really dug VJ’s list and I needed to put together something good. Here it is. Enjoy!

1. The Black Knight-Monty Python and the Holy Grail-The dude can survive without legs and arms. Flesh wounds do not bother him.  Actually, he doesn’t seem to feel any pain. He will be just fine  surviving on a desert or island.

‎2. Ash “Evil Dead“-Alone in a cabin he fights off zombies, ghosts and demons. The guy loses a hand and instead of whining he puts a chainsaw on it. Also, he is always good for a great catch phrase. An added bonus is that you can’t kill the guy.
3. Tom Hanks-Cast Away-Not only does he survive but he gets into dentistry, builds a boat and grows an amazing beard. If I get stuck on an island with him I pretty much don’t have to worry about anything. A big hope is that I could build a net and convince him to let me use Wilson to play some volleyball. Also, he can spear fish like none other.

4. Woody Harrelson-Zombieland– Not only does he survive a zombie apocalypse but he thrives and kicks major butt. the guy manages to kill 200 zombies by himself….Nothing else will ever seem hard. The only downside is that he complains about twinkies.

5. Cillian Murphy-28 Days Later– The dude out runs, kills and survives violent fast rage infected zombies. He also outwits soldiers who are loaded with guns. I’m thinking he could survive anything.

After VJ and I did this my buddy Jay sent in a list as well. I’m a little jealous I didn’t add Ernie Reyes Jr. from Surf Ninjas. Jay went obscure old school on that.
1. Jean Claude Van Dam from any movie. He never loses even when he dies, he comes back to life (Universal Soldier) to finish kicking ass.
2. Scott Pilgrim. No brainer. He has comic book powers in real life.
3. Ernie Reyes Jr. He kicks ass in Surf Ninja’s and is a badass in The Rundown.
4. Master Splinter. Who is going to fuck with a life-size ninja rat that can talk.
5. Ip Man. Nobody is going to fight with the guy who trained Bruce Lee.
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  1. Lacey permalink
    September 29, 2011 1:36 pm

    I think that it’s actually just “Ice T”. Who knows, it might now be “Ice Tea” given that he’s getting older and is known more for his “Law and Order: SUV” chops than his rapping chops.

  2. Heriberto Hennig permalink
    October 10, 2012 9:43 am

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