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September 28, 2011

Moneyball is a mature, moving and funny story of how the Oakland Athletic’s  General Manager Billy Beane and Peter Brand were able create a history making team with only 39 million. 39 million may seem like a lot but compared to the New York Yankee’s 120 million you can see the difference.

The 2002 Athletics did not win the World Series but they did win 2o in a row which is the longest streak in baseball history. This team opened up many other organizations eyes. Two years later the Red Sox won the World Series. Also, the Tampa Bay Rays on a shoe string budget made it to the Series in 2008. The years of choosing a guy because he had a good chin or was dating a beautiful woman was mostly over.

Brad Pitt is reliably great as Beane. Jonah Hill gets away from his manic/slacker guy routine and delivers an understated performance that is the perfect pairing with Pitt’s charisma. Together they form a nice team that share many fun scenes.

The movie is similar to The Social Network yet nothing like it. When I first heard David Fincher was making a movie about Facebook I wondered how it would work. I wondered the same thing when I heard about the plot of this film. However, both films work on every level. The tying thread between these films is Aaron Sorkin. He had a hand in writing each one. Some of the scenes of dialogue in Social Network and Moneyball are more exciting than any of the  scenes in most of the action films released this summer.

If you like this movie watch the film The Damned United. It is a true story about Soccer coach Brian Clough. Who put together winning teams on a budget. I enjoy the film and director Tom Hooper.

Enjoy Moneyball. Let me know what you think.

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