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Tokyo Shock: Psycho Gothic Lolita

October 28, 2011

By John Leavengood

MY CALL:  All in all, this was a disappointing and shockless Tokyo Shocker.  It falls short of the goretastic silliness of its predecessors. It’ll provoke a few ridiculous laughs, but you may not have the patience to watch the whole thing.  WHAT TO WATCH INSTEAD:  You should check out my Beginner’s Guide to Tokyo Shock Cinema for some good pointers on navigating this movie odd subgenre.  A safe start would be Tokyo Gore Police.  IF YOU LIKE THIS, WATCH:  Alien vs Ninja.  TRAILER: here it is.

Normally I’d say: Folks, brace yourselves.  These Tokyo Shocklets tend to have all the subtlety of a Thai whorehouse.  There are so many scenes in these movies where you put on a big smile and think “that makes absolutely no sense” and love it!  This made me smile, but way less than most movies of such ilk.

This one opens with some manner of casino, fight club, BDSM den where our star has come to execute the dome-y den mother for her sins.  Naturally, everyone in the club is armed, on the boss lady’s payroll, and will fight to the death to defend her.  I don’t know why she needs protecting, though.  I mean, she’s a master of two-bladed skull-sword-thingy style.  Our “Lolita” starlet, Yuki, is armed with an umbrella-spear and wears some sexy Hot Topic leather boots.

Yuki’s father is a wheelchair-bound Catholic priest who helps her avenge her mother’s death.  How?  By ripping off Whistler from Blade.  You see, Yuki is killing off members of a caped cadre of baddies that killed mom and crippled dad.  The second baddie is apparently a perverted chemistry teacher.  His fighting style: Telekinetic Seated Mop!  After him, it’s a one-eyed schoolgirl-chic-ette with bladed pistols and a sunny disposition.

By now you’re probably wondering where the “Psycho” demon-hybrid chick from the DVD cover is going to show up.  Bummer alert!  Not ‘til the end.

For the subgenre, I quickly noticed that the martial arts in this are about as good as they get in this subgenre—which isn’t great.  But the gore and villains are noticeably less innovating.  Compared to Tokyo Gore Police this falls short by about 100 gallons of arterial spray and 100 pounds of rubber guts and disembodied limbs.  There were also no goofy prosthetics until the final demon scene.  All in all, this was a disappointing Tokyo Shocker.

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