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Paranormal Activity 3 (2)

October 29, 2011

I appreciate these films because they managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars on micro-budgets. Originality and superb marketing have made this trilogy a money machine.

I’ve enjoyed all three of these films but they’ve never wowed me. I love the concept and execution but I think they’ve never been the best in the genre.

The third film did what was necessary to refresh the series but I feel it was a slight misstep. Horror movies now a days feel the need to explain why evil happens. In the original Halloween Michael Myer’s evil was never explained. That is why the movie is so beloved. Rob Zombie remade Halloween and tried to explain the evil of Myers. I really disliked that movie. The unknown is scarier than a little guy with family problems.

This film gives the demon a name. I will not give anything away but it takes away from the mystery. Moriarty is a classic villain because Sherlock Holmes could never figure him out. The film Alien was so scary because you didn’t know what it was….and neither did the crew.

The biggest problem most people had with the first two films is that the male leads were alpha turds who didn’t take the situation seriously. The man in this film is a great guy who wants to protect his family and figure out what is happening in his house. You become invested in the family because you like them.

I’m pretty amazed at the wonderful performance of the two little girls in this film. The directors managed to get youthful/natural/mature performances out of them without compromising them like The Exorcist did to Linda Blair.

Paranormal Activity 3 did what was necessary to revive a series. However, in the process it managed to erase an intriguing mystery.

Check out John’s excellent in-depth review here

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