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Wes Anderson Madness: Elite 8

May 17, 2012

Hello all. Mark here. The battle continues and will conclude when Moonrise Kingdom debuts. I’m stoked for both.

Here is how the bracket looks:

Mr. Fox vs. Richie Tenenbaum

Mr. Fox is an odd delight of remarkable dialogue. However, none of his scenes carry the weight of The Baumer and his troubles. If you ask any fan of Wes films they will put the Needle in the Hay or the Gandhi tennis scene in their top five. They are memorable moments in an Oscar nominated film (original screenplay).


Anthony Adams vs. Max Fischer

Max Fischer would be on Wes Anderson’s Mt. Rushmore. However, my first experience with Wes and his characters was Anthony Adams. The wandering man who liked to jog, woo maids and diss watersports. I had never seen a character like Anthony before. It was the start of an era. Max brought the Wes world into the mainstream but Anthony was the blueprint.


Eli Cash vs. Dignan

Eli Cash is an enigma on top of another enigma. He wears face paint, loves drugs and drives his convertible into the Tenenbaum household. Eli Cash is an older version of Dignan and I always wondered what he would become.



Herman Blume vs. Steve Zissou

There would be no Steve Zissou without Herman Blume. Blume put Bill Murray back on the map and in Lost in Translation, Broken Flowers and Life Aquatic.

Herman Blume gives us a glimpse into the lovely randomness that is Wes Anderson. The scene where Blume blocks a childs basketball shot made a young me laugh for days.


This scene cracks me up too.

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