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Movies, Films & Flix Preview: Frozen Ground

May 19, 2012

Hello all. Mark here.

Amazing news for you. Nic Cage and John Cusack will be playing the worlds strangest cat and mouse game. The two oddest characters in Hollywood will be chasing each other around the frozen Alaskan tundra. Nic Cage is a cop and Cusack is a killer. They are joined by 50 Cent and Vanessa Hudgens.

I have an odd fact for you. 2012 Cusack is playing a killer in two films featuring kids from High School Musical. Vanessa Hudgens plays a prostitute in Frozen Ground and Zac Efron plays a journalist in the Paper Boy. Both of these movies will gross $7.

From the images I’ve seen I can promise two things. Nicolas Cage will be bored and John Cusack will be squirrelly.

Bored looking at decomposed mutilated body.

Bored smoking.

Deep thoughts while crouching in woods.

Deep thoughts while staring out a window and using an outdated telephone.

What else can you ask for? Frozen Ground will be the second greatest film ever….starring John Cusack and Nic Cage…Con Air was awesome.


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