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Man on a Ledge

June 7, 2012

The curious case of a Man on a Ledge.

I enjoyed Man on a Ledge. I’d watch it again. However, nothing is at stake, there is zero tension and the only way the plan would work is if EVERYTHING went right.

What I like about this film is that it is a nice little movie that you can watch after a long day of work. I myself had just gotten back from five days of working the Philly Comic Con and I needed something brainless and fun. The film zips by and asks for little but enjoyment.

The plot revolves around a wrongly accused man (Sam Worthington) trying to clear his name. So, he escapes custody and climbs on a ledge.

His ledge antics get everyone’s attention while his brother (Jamie Bell) and his girlfriend (Genesis Rodriguez) attempt to steal a diamond from  an overly evil Ed Harris.

Bell and Rodriguez are the best parts of this film. Bell is attempting to help his brother and Rodriguez is %100 in on the plan. They are in over their heads but they never stop trying. You enjoy their bickering, arguing and covenant ways to fit into leather catsuits.

Man on a ledge Genesis Rodriguez catsuit

Joining them are wonderful actors who play stock characters.

Elizabeth Banks – Depressed/drunk negotiator who begins to trust Worthington

Anthony Mackie – Former partner who is undoubtedly corrupt

Kyra Sedgewick – Sassy reporter

Edward Burns – Sarcastic cop

Bill Sadler – Nicest hotel employee ever.
















At the end Sam Worthington makes a mad dash of the top of a building. I was incredibly excited because I thought maybe he was trying to jump on Ed Harris from 30 floors up. This did not happen because he landed on a large inflatable pad. However, how cool would it have been if Sam was up here.

And he landed on Ed Harris.

Of course they both live though. I immediately would have bought the film and told everyone about the moment of awesomeness.

Watch Man on Ledge, appreciate Man on a Ledge, keep the hope alive that someday Sam Worthington will jump on Ed Harris from 30 floors up.

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