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The Dark Knight Rises and Hof replies

August 1, 2012

Spoiler Warning!








to know everything about

The Dark Knight Rises.

Following my review of The Dark Knight Rises, MFF writer John Leavengood and I started pecking away at what we liked and disliked about the movie.  Suffice to say, I liked more and John disliked more.  As a result, John summarized his issues in his “Breakdown Part 1” to which I’m now replying…

First and foremost I understand your thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises: Breakdown Part 1. It is a big flawed film that dares to swing for the fences beyond the fences. It also gives plenty of ammunition for a hilarious roundtable discussion. However, the issues you have with the film did not bother me. I had other issues that I will write about here. Also, I will discuss the gripes that you had with my review. I did love your thoughts about Bane catching a Batman punch because I was a bouncer for years and I realized I shouldn’t try to catch drunk indie kid punches…..However, one night while bouncing in St. Petersburg my friend Jeff did catch a punch that was headed my way. This act of bravery was met by another punch which connected with Jeff’s head because he was too busy saving my head from being concussed.

However, it is awesome that Cillian Murhpy AKA Scarecrow returns in this film. I love the character. He is a survivor. I would love to see a film where JGL battles him. It would be a perfect first time villain and prove that Mr. 500 Days of Summer has crime fighting chops.

First, I can’t belive you left out the Wall Street scene. I left it out of my original review because of spoiler warnings but I feel like enough time has passed to where I can unleash the spoilers. So, Bane and his crew attack Wall Street, kill some people and whack a woman in the face with a motorcycle helmet. Then, they steal a lot of information and bankrupt Bruce Wayne…….The next day Morgan Freeman tells him it would take a long time to get his money back. NO IT WOULDN”T! HE WOULD GET HIS MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY. A dude in a baboon mask robbed the financial institution. I’m pretty certain people would get a mulligan.

Second, When people are forced to die via Ra Ra they have to walk on ice. The people quickly fall through until Batman appears and everybody seems cool about their precarious footing. They even feel good enough to light a flare on thin ice…. Huh?

Third, When did Bane have time to fly to India to drop Batman into a secret prison? Time has a way to slowing down in this film.

Now to Mr. Leavengoods feeling towards the film.

Leavengood: Then there was Anne Hathaway.  I have nothing good to say about her as Catwoman other than “nice ass.”  I have nothing bad to say about her other than she was utterly forgettable to me and I would prefer that she wasn’t in the movie at all—despite the fact that she was written into the complicated plot like a keystone planted in the arch of a bridge

Anne Hathaway was necessary for the plot. She represented an outsider who initially supported the uprising but then realized that it was insane. She did it for herself and eventually was won over by Batman and decided to put her selfish attitudes aside and support Gotham. She has a massive character arc as a naive yet confident woman who revived Batman’s mojo and became a better person. Her personality evolved over time and gave Batman a woman who replaced Rachel Dawes. COMPLETELY NECESSARY! Plus, her presence helped on promotional posters.

2 Leavengood:. A comprehensive trilogy. That’s not a success.  That’s a prerequisite to even standing a chance at success.

If you’ve read my Bad Movie Tuesday Trilogy (which you have).  You would know that they majority of third films have failed at providing a suitable conclusion to a series. Remember when Neo rocked the world and Jack Sparrow became a worldwide phenomena? Now, remember the third films where they pooped (technical term) on all the good will.  The Dark Knight Rises shows that actions have consequences. It doesn’t do it perfectly but when you are dressed as a bat and fighting crime and you’ve killed the leader of the greatest crime syndication in the world there will be consequences. The Batman becomes bigger than himself and allows the surprisingly well-groomed policemen (who have been trapped underground for months) to take charge and run headlong into machine gun fire……Remember that simple is not always easy. I look at this trilogy as a Christopher Nolan graphic novel and not a recreation of established works.

Let me comment on John’s final quote:

Leavengood: Overall , opposite to the Hof, would call this movie completely unengaging, not a moment thrilling or exciting, and only a good conclusion to the trilogy when present in the form of storyboard notes.  After the first hour I was honestly waiting for this movie to end.  What a horrible thing to say.

John…Can you honestly say that you didn’t love the return of the Scarecrow? Or, What about when he finally makes the jump? I know in conversation you said the messages were forced fed but I loved that Batman had to be afraid of death to defeat Bane. I love that the cops were outgunned and outnumbered but still charged the machine guns. This was HUGE filmmaking that didn’t make a lick of sense (she should have flooded the reactor immediately) but still remained the vision of a man who revitalized a dead series. He deserved to make this film and we should appreciate a series that has been brilliant (Joker, Scarecrow), confusing (Bane, Rachel Dawes) and ultimately fulfilling (Batman landing a flexible woman and seeing Alfred). These films will be analyzed, loved and argued…which makes it wonderful.

Can’t wait to hear what you say about Bane…..

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  1. johnleavengood permalink
    August 1, 2012 6:24 pm

    I will submit that Anne Hathaway helped out with promotional posters. Again…that ass.

  2. johnleavengood permalink
    August 1, 2012 6:30 pm

    Oh, and I honestly can say that nothing was thrilling or exciting about seeing the Scarecrow again. However, I did grin and turn to my cousin (sitting next to me) in appreciation of a momentary nod to a better installment of the series. But “the jump”? Absolutely not. The smoke signals were so chokingly strong that you knew there wasn’t a chance in Hell he’d miss that jump once he had forgone the rope. I found it dumb outside of the context of a children’s book–then it becomes a lesson about…something. I don’t know! I didn’t write this children’s book!

  3. johnleavengood permalink
    August 1, 2012 6:31 pm

    Enjoying the “engaging” banter, Hofsey. My “Bane” rantings will be upon MMF within days.

  4. johnleavengood permalink
    August 1, 2012 6:33 pm

    Oh, and “baboon mask”…LOVE IT! We need a “couch and clip show” on public access TV to hash this nonsense out!


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