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The 2014 Suicide Squad of Villains

December 9, 2014

Hello all. Mark here.

I recently wrote a post about the 2014 Magnificent Seven and gave the heroes their praise (with the exception of Eva Green in 300). Today, I wanted to give the villains their due.  With the announcement of the massive cast for DC’s The Suicide Squad  I wanted to put together a crew of 2014 villains who would be great in a sequel. It is an eclectic crew of murderers, jerks and maniacs who’ve threatened the world with missiles, shoes and dancing.

Without further ado here they are!

Mason – Tilda SwintonSnowpiercer

Tilda Swinton was awesome in Snowpiercer. It was a bonkers performance that created a memorable character. Mason was a shoe loving maniac who did the dirty work on a dirty train. Do not mess with her!

Snowpiercer axe

Ava – Eva GreenSin City: A Dame To Kill For

Between 300 and Sin City Eva Green has proven herself to be the femme fatale du jour. The opposition will have no chance against her.

eva green sin city 2 movie poster

Jopling – Willem DafoeGrand Budapest Hotel

Jopling is a gangster assassin. He looks cool, can hunt you down and has no problem sledding down an icy slope. He will get his hands dirty for the team and put a hurting on many unlucky people.

Willem Dafoe Grand Budapest

Tremaine – Rza Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions is not a good film. However, I always like Rza on the screen. Tremaine was a bad guy with a decent agenda. Also, he can get his hands on some sweet missiles.

RZA Brick Mansions

Violet and Colin – David  Koechner and Sara PaxtonCheap Thrills

They can get people to do anything. They are a bad cop/evil cop combination who would be the perfect undercover duo. I bet they would love suicide missions because it would give them some incredible thrills on which to bet on.

Cheap Thrills bad guys

Eric – Guy PearceThe Rover

He is dirty, gross and impossible to kill. Put him in the desert with no supplies and he will flourish.


Drew – Chris O’DowdCuban Fury

I wanted to put O’Dowd in as another character but it would have been a terrible spoiler. So, Mr. Long Legs has joined the crew and will contribute with his sweet dance moves and vulgar language.

O'dowd cuban fury

Yondu – Michael RookerGuardians of the Galaxy

When cornered all Yondu has to do is summon his evil arrow and crush some folks. He has explored deep space and I’m pretty certain nothing can scare or surprise him. Let him pilot the ship and wreck some fools.

Rooker Guardians


“David” – The Guest – Dan Stevens kicks some hardcore butt in The Guest. The dude is unkillable and that will be helpful when he is sent on a suicide mission.

The guest movie

Who would make your Suicide Squad?




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