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Insidious 3: A Fantastic New Chapter To Further the Insidious World

June 18, 2015

Insidious 3 movie poster


I love the Insidious series because it plays like a roller coaster built on top of a fun house that was placed upon an active volcano. The three films are super low-budget marvels that rely upon practical effects, smart decisions and fantastic cardigans.

Patrick Wilson Insidious 2


The Insidious world excels in creating likable characters and introducing  original bad guys (very important). It may have started as a Poltergeist knockoff but it is becoming its own juggernaut. The third film is missing James Wan’s (Conjuring, Saw, Fast 7) horror maestro touch but director/writer Leigh Whannell steps in admirably. This prequel is a massive step up from the terrible Annabelle and features some truly memorable moments.

Insidious 3 revolves around a family being harassed by an absolute form of jerky evil. The family is in mourning after the mother/wife passed away and one night the daughter tried to reach out to her via seance. However, in the Insidious world if you call out for one person every spirit/demon can hear you. An evil spirit attached himself to her and begins to reign hell upon the family. This leads them to reach out to the MVP’s of the Insidious world Specs (Whannell), Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye).

If you’ve watched the first two films you’ve grown to love this trio who imbue the proceedings with humor, warmth and heart. These three people do not need to rid the populace of evil demons. They put themselves in danger for the greater good and willingly put their souls up for grabs. Elise’s story line is especially neat because every time she enters the Further she puts her life on the line. I love how she still goes into the land of smoke and dark hallways when there is a crazy “lady” in black waiting to choke her to death.



Insidious 3 relies heavily upon the infamous horror trope called jump scares. Normally, I would be annoyed at the shock tactic that uses quick cuts, loud music and big bumps to illicit jumps. However, because Insidious is so aware of its fun house appeal the jump scares actually work. It was a blast sitting in the theater and listening to the packed house jump, squirm and scream along as poor Quinn (Stefanie Scott) is constantly harassed by the demon who can’t breathe.



The biggest surprise is that I actually liked this prequel. Normally I find myself annoyed at the over explanation of plot, character and evil (Think The Thing, Halloween, Paranormal Activity, Texas Chainsaw). However, this film adds to the Insidious lore and doesn’t hurt it. The world is expanded and not stuck in a corner. It makes perfect sense that evil denizens of The Further would harass people around the world. I also like how it shows the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Specs, Tucker and Elise.

Insidious 3 is a fantastic surprise the features an elderly female hero, many scares and successful world building. I am on board for the fourth film and can’t wait for further exploits of Tucker, Specs and Elise.

Insidious 3 tucker specs elise

Check out John’ review to read a roller coaster of a review. Does he like it? Does he dislike it? Does he simultaneously like and dislike it?

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