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The MFF Podcast #29: Film Fantasy Football Draft

October 2, 2015


The MFF podcast is back and we are excited about Football!  So excited, in fact, that all we could talk about was drafting our favorites actors and movie characters to form our own movie football team.  You can download the pod on Itunes or head over to Blog Talk Radio to stream it. If you get a chance please make sure to review, rate and share. You are awesome!


SUMMARY:  This week the MFF crew discusses the our top picks in our Film Fantasy Football Draft, which bad guys of horror we’d like to see battle, and some of the best cinematic mustaches.  This episode’s picks include (among many others) Bill Murray, Ed O’Neill’s Al Bundy, Nathan Jones, Any Given Sunday‘s LL Cool J, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Wick and the monstrous Sarlaac from Empire Strikes Back!


We also answer such important questions as…

“How do you justify drafting Bill Murray on a football team?”
“What films deserve to be re-released in theaters?”
“Who can possibly beat Kurt Russell out for the Best Mustache of Film?”
“Who (or what) would win in a battle between The Thing and the Aliens xenomorphs?”
“Exactly what football position does a Sarlaac play most efficiently?”

UNSPECIFIED - APRIL 18: Full shot of Keanu Reeves as quarterback Shane Falco in uniform, standing in huddle, holding helmet and talking to players. (Photo by Ron Phillips/Warner Bros./Getty Images)

Sit back, relax and listen to three guys discuss the legacy of Wes Craven.

You can listen to the pod on Blog Talk Radio or head over Itunes so you can download, rate, review and share. Thanks!


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