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The MFF Podcast #78: Carpenter vs Zombie Halloween Rematch (1981 vs 2009)

November 24, 2016


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Summary: In last year’s Halloween special (Carpenter (1978) vs Zombie (2007)) John Carpenter’s masterpiece Halloween (1978) and Rob Zombie’s 2007 Halloween remake faced off. Well, it’s time for a rematch! This year we endure two of the craziest sequels in horror history: Halloween II (1981) and Halloween II (2009), and discuss their madness!

We answer the tough questions in this podcast!  For example…

“Is Ghostbusting a form of unlawful imprisonment? Do ghosts have rights?”

“Who are the creepiest horror kids?”

“Why don’t we like any of these Halloween victims?”

“Is there a motive-less female counterpart to Michael Myers?”

“Did Michael Myers just stop caring… or did the directors?”

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