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The 2017 Cinematic Recap: It Was a Great Year for Tailors, Turtles and Smashed Glassware

January 12, 2018

2017 was a very good year for cinema and I felt it was necessary to recap it with some random facts. I had a lot of fun surfing through the films because it reminded me of all the great coincidences, characters and random moments. 2017  featured great superhero cinema, solid ghost stories and Keanu Reeves destroying copious well-dressed villains. There are some movies that I will watch over and over (Free Fire, Logan Logan Lucky, Baby Driver, Thor: Ragnarok) or purchase the moment they are released (Hello Personal Shopper Criterion Blu-ray). In case you were wondering here are my 10 favorite (not best – here is that list) movies of the year.

10. Their Finest
9. Brawl in Cell Block 99
8. Baby Driver
7. Wind River
6. Wonder Woman
5. Thor: Ragnarok
4. Personal Shopper.
3. Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets
2. Logan Lucky
1. Free Fire

Enjoy the random recap!

1. Various types of “tailors” had a legit year

Very rarely have I been intrigued by onscreen tailors. However, Guardians 2 and John Wick 2 featured some tailors I really wanted to know more about.  Also, Daniel Day Lewis could make me an amazing suit in no time. His preparation for Phantom Thread was gnarly.


2. It Has Been a Great Year for Horror Films With “It” in the Title

I love that Dolph Lundgren’s Don’t Kill It (89%)  has a higher Tomatometer average than It (85%) and It Comes at Night (88%).


3. The Rock can do anything but defeat the dreaded jet ski action scene

Baywatch (18%) proves that The Rock couldn’t defeat jet ski action scenes. I wrongly predicted earlier in the year that Baywatch would have a fresh rating. I made a big mistake by going against my gut and it cost me big time.


4. Movies featuring turtles/tortoises had an impressive year

Turtles/tortoises were featured in several very good films this year in varying degrees.

  • The Beguiled – 78%
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – 93%
  • The Red Turtle – 95%
  • It (Lego Turtle) – 85%
  • Lucky – 98%

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 – 83% (Kurt Russell + Turtle creature = An interesting looking kid)


5. Movies that Feature Robin Wright as a badass mentor/boss have been really good

I’d love to have Robin Wright as a tutor. If either of her characters from Wonder Woman or Blade: Runner 2049 were my boss I’d love going to work.  However, things don’t always go well for her…


6. Wonder Woman is in the highest and lowest rated superhero films of 2017

Between Wonder Woman (92%) and Justice League (40%) Gal Gadot had a roller coaster 2017. The good news is that Wonder Woman was so great that nobody cared that Justice League kinda rewrote her character.

*Based on the adjusted Tomatometer.


7. Korg defeated the Pentagon Papers

We all know that rock loses to paper. However, Thor: Raganrok’s 92% Tomatometer score beat out Steven Speilberg’s The Post (87%). Korg is getting the last laugh.


8. Movies featuring ghosts who shatter glassware were fantastic

Personal Shopper and A Ghost Story were two of my favorite 2017 films and they both featured ghosts breaking glassware.



9. Logan was the name to beat in 2017

It’s really neat that both Logan Lucky and Logan have 93% Tomatometer averages. I loved each film and I hope Logan Lucky builds an audience because it is such a funny, nice and well made film.



10. Movies proving that space exploration is terrible had almost identical Tomatometer scores

Space exploration seems terrible and movies that express that have almost identical scores. Alien: Covenant (68%) and Life (67%) both find very interesting and brutal ways to kill good-looking space explorers.

 Why do people voluntarily look into alien pods?

11. The Colin Farrell/Nicole Kidman double header of The Beguiled and The Killing of a Sacred Deer had almost identical Tomatometer scores

If you want to catch a very odd double-header I totally recommend you watch The Beguiled (78%) and The Killing of a Sacred Deer (79%).


12. John Bernthal was in five fresh films 

Jon Bernthal is the best and he was in some very good films this year. You should probably watch them all right now.

  • Baby Driver – 93%
  • Shot Caller – 74%
  • Wind River – 88%
  • Sweet Virginia – 76%
  • Pilgrimage – 69%



13. Movies that featured people taking voluntary trips in non-action films were really good

If you are looking for movies featuring people taking voluntary trips you can’t go wrong with the movies below.

  • The Lost City of Z – 87%
  • Girl’s Trip – 89%
  • Ingrid Goes West – 86%
  • Last Flag Flying – 73%
  • Get Out – 99%

What were your favorite random moments of the year? Let me know in the comments!

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