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Horror Movie Remake Tournament of Doom-Part 2

October 24, 2011

Mark: There were some incredible stinkers on this list. Psycho, One Missed Call and Day of the Dead. Ouch, ouch and triple ouch.

John:  Poor House on Haunted Hill.  Geoffrey Rush, Taye Diggs, Famke Janssen, Peter Gallagher, Chris Kattan, Bridgette Wilson, and Ali Larter–even Jeffrey Combs and Lisa Loeb, what!?!  They bought one Hell of a cast but they couldn’t bribe their way one past of Mark’s favorite movies: The Ring.

Mark: I know people will wonder why The Ring and The Grudge didn’t move further in the bracket. It is because I don’t like movies about evil little kids and depressed people. Audiences loved the movies and they were big hits. However, they annoyed me.

John:  Guilty as charged.  I love those evil demon-child movies.  I think Mark’s just scared.  After all, to quote The Ring, “they just kept talking about his face”…scariest face EVER!

Mark: Thirteen Ghosts had a good shot of taking out Piranha 3D until Mathew Lillard got his back snapped by that big angry ghost. That part really bummed me out. I also could never have envisioned a world where Piranha 3D moves further than Let Me In.

John:  I’m not even sure which Frankenstein remake we’re talking about here.  If it was the Luke Goss made-for-TV Frankenstein, then I’m happy it got knocked out in round one.  Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, however, would have crushed the new Elm Street!  But Piranha 3D was sooooo fun, any Frankenstein would have lost.

Mark: The toughest part of the bracket was Let Me In vs. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Two great films. However, I had to concede to the masses.

John:  I beg to differ, Mark.  You see, when the man who tended to that preteeny vamp fell asleep, the body snatchers got him.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) was such a good remake, that they made yet two more remakes of it in 1993 (The Body Snatchers) and 2007 (The Invasion) which failed to do it any justice!  No four-foot tall, moody 12-year old can compete with that, especially if her movie was only remade because Americans are too lazy to read Norwegian subtitles.

Mark: Good Point John. The Ring still sucks though. The first round victory goes to the Body Snatchers! It wasn’t easy though. They had to get past moody vampires, angry piranhas and a plethora of little punk ghost kids.

Check out the entire bracket here.

The tournament continues Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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  1. Piranha Infinit-D permalink
    October 25, 2011 8:03 pm

    Why Piranha should have won

    Round 1. They’re lucky to get past the Cat People. They would have been eaten if the movie was titled simply “Cats”
    Round 2. Fish don’t sleep long enough to get attacked
    Round 3. Have you ever seen a ghost swim? Plus, piranhas are always on the offensive
    Round 4. Fish are too slippery for the Body Snatchers

    • October 25, 2011 10:02 pm

      I agree. That punk ghost from the ring lived in a well but would never venture into a prehistoric cave.


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