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The Movies, Films and Flix Podcast #41: The 2015 Random Awards

January 3, 2016


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Does it bum you out that nobody will ever be recognized for their great cinematic naps or dancing? If you answered “yes” you will love the MFF random awards. Every year I sort through underappreciated moments and put together some very random awards. I’ve eschewed the stock awards and instead chosen to honor the squishy noises, arm grabs and usage of Belgian beer.

Kurt Russell belgian beer fast 7

Furious 7 knows how to feature Belgian beer.

The random awards are a great way to close out the year because they cover every facet of the cinematic world. No stone is left unturned and sometimes we even give out awards for the best stone throwing!

Sit back, relax and listen to discussions about Jedi’s defeating helmet hair. Check out the MFF pod on Blog Talk Radio or head over to Itunes and listen to the randomness!

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