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The Conjuring 2: James Wan is the King of Mainstream Horror

June 15, 2016

The Conjuring 2 movie poster

The Conjuring 2 is a fantastic sequel and very good film. Director James Wan knows how to manipulate audiences like none other and his gliding camera and funhouse vibe will stress you out while putting a smile on your face. The film is overly long (134 minutes) but it is miles ahead of all other mainstream horror. If you are looking for likable characters, truly evil villains and scary set-pieces you will love The Conjuring 2.

What I love about James Wan’s horror films are his characters are always in over their heads. They are smart people who makes wise decisions (they run away from the house!), but they cannot escape their hauntings. Normally, these people would fall prey to the evil, but they are aided by good people who go out of their way to put themselves in danger. Whether it be Elise, Tucker and Specs in the Insidious films or the Warrens in The Conjuring, you know that the plagued families will be in good hands. What really gets me is that Elise and the Warrens don’t have to hunt ghosts. They were given extraordinary powers and every time they help somebody they endanger themselves. They are true heroes who give the horror films heart.

The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 revolves around the much publicized Hodgson haunting in London, England. A poor family was terrorized by a massive jerk of a demon and and their story was collaborated by neighbors, cops and priests. Due to housing regulations and lack of money they couldn’t move and the single mother and four children were plagued by constant hauntings and sleepless nights. The story became so big the Catholic church asked the Warren’s (Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga) to head over the England to search for proof. The problem is worse than expected (of course) and it leads to a lot whole of jump scares and fingers over the eyes.

James Wan (Insidious. The Conjuring) uses space perfectly and understands the logistics of scaring the shit out of people. The camera constantly moves, and because of this the space is well-defined and you know every inch of the infested house. Thus, when all hell breaks loose you know where the action is headed and the scenes never become jumbled or confusing. A neat example of Wan familiarizing you with the surrounding is during the clapping scene in The Conjuring.


James Wan is the biggest name in horror right now because he found a way to unite the critics, horror hounds and mainstream audiences. When we had our big 21st century horror vote and critic/audience breakdown Insidious and The Conjuring appeared in every list (list links are below). This isn’t surprising because James Wan can work an audience like none other and I think he always has us in mind. Also, he brings in fantastic talent that like their characters and sell every moment of the insanity. In a perfect world I’d love for the Insidious and Conjuring worlds to meet and spawn an Elise/Tucker/Specs/Warren movie.

Insidious 3 tucker specs elise


The Conjuring 2 is proof that James Wan is the best 21st century horror movie director. Did you like The Conjuring 2?

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