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MFF Special: How Many Gallons of Blood Came Out of the Sprinklers During the Rave in Blade?

January 26, 2019



A lot of blood is wasted during the rave in Blade. I get that the yuppy vampires lead by Deacon Frost don’t care about wasting blood, however, it seems like they’d have to ice skate uphill in order to throw a secret blood party inside a slaughterhouse and install a standalone sprinkler system that keeps blood from congealing in the hours before the vampire rave kicks off. In honor of Blade and it’s generous wasting of cinematic blood, I decided to figure out how much of the red liquid came out of the sprinklers during the 75 seconds that it poured onto the vampire dancers. After copious research of irrigation systems and blood (my google search history must seem weird) I’ve come to the conclusion that somewhere around 425 gallons of blood poured out of the sprinklers, which means they drained blood from either 41 cows, 283 adults (think Blade: Trinity) or collected 3,400 one pint donations from the blood banks they have all around the world (Blade 2).

Here is what I know:

  • The blood rave lasts 75 seconds and would take hours to clean up. I feel bad for the cleaning crew.
  • The blood comes from 20 different sprinklers that are placed in the ceiling of the slaughterhouse/dancing club.

  • There is another irrigation system that must be for potential fires and cleaning off the bloody dancers after the rave is over.

  • The average office sprinkler system uses 8-24 gallons per minute. The blood is really pouring out of the the sprinklers, so I went with 17 gallons per minute.

  • Blood was definitely coming out of the sprinklers.
  • 99.7% of the blood hits the floor.
  • The vampires must’ve created a machine that keeps the blood from coagulating or congealing.
  • The meat packing plant is a front for a weird human blood drive system.
  • Vampires don’t care about permanently damaging their clothes.

Here is what I’m guessing:

  • Since the rave takes place in a slaughterhouse they must be getting the blood from the animals. However, I wouldn’t put it past them to jerkily use human blood.
  • I think the vampire overlords (AKA Udo Kier) wouldn’t be pleased to know that hundreds of gallons of human blood was being wasted on EDM loving vampires.
  • Since they made the “Blood Rave” sign I’m thinking they’ve done it before.
  • The vampire DJ worked the venue before and knows where to put the speakers for optimal output.

  • They don’t really drink any of the blood… it must not be human blood?
  • There is no cover charge for the party.
  • The invitations were sent via email.
  • The vampires can’t leave the building with blood stained clothes, so, they must’ve brought a change of clothes to wear after the rave ends. Also, it probably ends around 4:00AM so the vampires can get home before the sun comes up.
  • It wasn’t hard for Blade to find the rave. I’m guessing a vampire told a friend, who told another friend and the guest list spiraled out of control. Thus, Blade could simply track an unwitting vampire who was carrying an overnight bag to the party.

Final Conclusion:

At least 425 gallons of animal blood came out of the sprinklers designed especially for the blood rave. It’s too bad that Blade found the location because they must’ve spent a decent amount of time and money to create the event space.

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