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MFF Data: A Totally Unnecessary Breakdown of the In The Heart of the Sea Movie Poster

April 21, 2020

Quick note: The math isn’t exact. There’s no way to know how large the whale is. However, it’s an educated guess and I’m happy with it. Also, clearly the advertisements were trying their hardest to sell the movie. I love the posters because they most certainly place a person in the worst imaginable place ever.

I recently watched the fun creature feature Underwater (that you should check out if you like cool monsters), and while researching the film I came across a poster that made me laugh. In the poster, an unlucky person is in an insane amount of trouble because they’re seemingly staring down the mother of all kaiju. The movie poster got me thinking about the insane promotional posters for the 2015 film In the Heart of the Sea.

That’s a gigantic monster, and that person is screwed.

The In the Heart of the Sea poster showcases a man who is also in a comical amount of trouble. He’s swimming deep in the ocean, and in front of him is a massive albino sperm whale that is eyeballing him. The sperm whale is justifiably pissed because the dude was trying to harpoon him, and it looks as if the whale is about to have an extremely tiny snack. I understand that this poster is meant to draw audiences in with the promise of a gigantic whale, however, the marketing team went a bit overboard and created a kaiju.

So, since I’m a maniac who loves to pursue and write about weird data that not one person on this earth needs, I decided to take a guess at how big the whale in the poster is. How? My best chance for an educated guess would be to figure out how large a sperm whale’s eyes are. Then, I’d do some math, to figure out the total length. Easy.


Here’s another poster that showcases the impossibly large whale.

After doing some research on the Encyclopedia Britannica website, I learned it’s possible for a sperm whale to reach 62-feet in length (which is huge). There’s no concrete data on eye size (zero – I repeat), so I analyzed a scale picture of a sperm whale, and I’m guessing its eye is 7.15 inches long (which is close to some estimates).

On my laptop the sperm whale’s eye measures at 1/16 of an inch. The whale is 6 1/2 inches long. Sizes may differ on your screens, but, the ratio will be the same.

Let’s say the whale’s eye in the poster is eight-feet long (96 inches). I’m saying eight feet because if that’s Chris Hemsworth in the water, who is 6’3 (6 feet, 3 inches), the eye is much larger than he is. If we stick with the math from before, it means the whale in the poster is somewhere around 832 feet long.

This makes me really happy. Why? It’s a 832-foot long whale on a movie poster promoting a movie about an 85-foot whale. It’s totally misleading, and I love it.

*The sizes are based on best guesses. Not exact.

The movie poster whale is much larger than the whale in the movie.

The whale is not 832 feet long.

Final thoughts: I wish it was a movie about Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, and Cillian Murphy battling an 832-foot whale. However, it isn’t, and I’m just going to watch The Meg, Underwater or Pacific Rim again.

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