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MFF Special: Analyzing Dwayne Johnson’s Record-Breaking Skyscraper Poster Jump

February 6, 2018


The poster for The Rock’s upcoming film Skyscraper makes me really happy. I love when movie posters feature people making impossible jumps into skyscrapers that are ablaze. There is something about the impossibility of it that makes me want to crunch the numbers and figure out how the jump was accomplished. We all know that The Rock will make the impossible 40-foot jump (world record is 29 feet) and save everyone in the burning skyscraper. However, I wanted to know the logistics of the jump and if other cinematic jumps could compete. I’ve already covered Matthew McConaughey’s jump in Reign of Fire and I had a great time putting together the logistics so I was stoked to bust out my tape measure, level, and scrap paper to make sure I got the numbers as correct as  I could (there is no way to get an exact number).


What is the distance? – 40 feet. This is very safe to assume.  I am 6’4 (almost the same height as The Rock) so I asked my surprised and supportive wife to measure me in the same pose that The Rock is in. we came to the conclusion that from toe to toe is 5 1/2 feet. The Rock takes up 3/4 of an inch on the poster (I used this poster) and the distance from the end of the crane to the bottom of the open window is 5 1/2 inches (40.3 feet – 40 is easier).

Here is a graphic that breaks down various cinematic jumps by non-propelled humans.


What is the distance between floors? – I can’t be 100% sure but I’m confidently guessing 14.6 feet. Thus, there is a very tiny dropoff between the crane and the building.

Is it possible? Only if The Rock does it and he isn’t in The Other Guys.


Will he make it? – Yep. I’m betting he will hit the building around chest height and pull himself up after some dramatics (think Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Has Any Movie Character Ever Come Close to This Jump? – The only movie character to come close was Matthew McConaughey in Reign of Fire. Actually, he would’ve gone further if that dang dragon wouldn’t have eaten him.


Conclusion – We have a new world record! The Rock’s 40-foot jump is the longest by a non-propelled human in a movie ever. What I find most impressive is how he was able to accomplish this jump without hitting max speed and carrying a 250-pound frame.

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