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John’s Horror Corner: Mausoleum (1983), a totally watchable campy demonic temptress movie that steers clear of sleazy territory.

October 28, 2019

MY CALL: The title of this movie is suggestive of something more gothic. But it’s really just another campy seductress flick. Thankfully, it never wanders into raunchy or trashy territory. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the special effects of this totally watchable flick. MORE MOVIES LIKE Mausoleum: For more demonic seductress B-movies, try Evil Clutch (1988), The Unholy (1988), Necromancer (1988), Witchcraft II (1989), Def By Temptation (1990) and Night Angel (1990).

Long after her mother’s death, Susan (Bobbie Bresee; Ghoulies, Evil Spawn, Surf Nazis Must Die) is possessed by a demon that has plagued her family for generations. Apparently, the firstborn woman of every generation of her family suffers this curse. Naturally, her psychiatrist (Norman Burton; Planet of the Apes, American Ninja 5, Hand of Death, The Terminal Man, Bloodsport, Deep Space) had always assumed it was schizophrenia.

Susan’s possession takes on some campy attributes. She gains the attention of men to exceptional degree, she often decides to seduce these men, and then she kills them by some supernatural means.

Green glowing eyes cue us to Susan’s supernatural powers as she ignites a handsy jerk’s car burning him alive (the most deserving of all deaths), assumes a clawed demonic form to tear up her gardener, and goes full-on Trancers on another victim.

There’s no shortage of nudity. I’d say most of the budget went to paying her to be topless and her demonic monster make-up and latexwork. In demon form, Susan has pronounced skull features (cheek bones and chin), pointy ears and white eyes—basically, she looks like an Evil Dead Christmas elf. Later in the film her demon form is more advanced, and she lumbers around like a malformed Lord of the Rings orc. And by the end she is a full-on rubber suited monstrosity.

A victim is levitated and then thoracically ripped (we only see the beginnings of it so I assume they cut a bad effect snafu, but it’s still cool). And she bites open her husband’s (Marjoe Gortner: Starcrash, American Ninja 3) ribcage with her bare breasts which are each adorned with a little bitey demon face. We see quite a bit of her monster boobs. But, if you’re gonna’ make boob demons, I suppose you show ‘em, right?

The title of this movie may be suggestive of something more gothic in nature. But it’s really just another campy seductress flick. But with that said, it never really wanders into truly raunchy or trashy territory despite the nudity. And overall, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the special effects. This is totally watchable and recommended to fans of “mildly bad” 80s horror.

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