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Bad Movie Tuesday: Evil Spawn (1987; aka, The Alien Within), another schlocky alien Sci-Horror movie from the 80s serving as a smutty vehicle for nudity-delivery.

October 1, 2019

MY CALL: This was a laughably bad movie loaded with nudity but not overly raunchy, and it at least makes an effort with the creature effects and horror/attack scenes. Still, I wouldn’t dare recommend it. MORE MOVIES LIKE Evil Spawn: For more smutty Sci-Horror B-movies, try Biohazard (1985), Evils of the Night (1985) and Creepazoids (1987).

After a Venus probe returns to Earth loaded with alien microbes, researchers dutifully perform unethical research splicing the DNA of alien microbial organisms and humans. This feels oddly similar to the premise of Species (1995)…

This 70-minute Fred Olen Ray (Biohazard, Deep Space, Scalps) DVD was, like a SkineMax midnight movie, introduced by Ray himself and what I believe to be several adult film actresses showing more skin in the five-minute intro than you’d normally get in an entire movie. Clearly, I’m in for something much more smutty than I had anticipated.

Thankfully, in the opening scene of the actual film we see a B-movie monster (a spider-rat hybrid thing) attacking some poor scientist. The execution is super-clunky. But God bless them, they really tried and showed us a lot of the creature. However cheap a movie may be, I can appreciate that.

The nefarious researcher Evelyn (Dawn Wildsmith, or Donna Shock; Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Deep Space, Evils of the Night) works with Dr. Zeitman (John Carradine; Evils of the Night, The Nesting, The Howling, The Sentinel) on anti-aging research. Evelyn approaches a gorgeous but aging actress Lynn (Bobbie Bresee; Mausoleum, Surf Nazis Must Die, Ghoulies) with a proposal to prolong her youth and beauty. Desperate to earn more starring roles, she takes the serum.

Once infected, people react differently. One becomes a sore-covered ghoul with the strength to rip an arm from its blood-spewing socket. And Lynn, when threatened a la Species (1995), turns into a ridiculous, rubber-suited insectoid monster. Another of her transformations assumes the likeness of a gnarly Predator (1987)-meets-Demons (1985) make-up job that is far more entertaining before she “weres” into the monster suit form that is beginning to remind me of Brundlefly from The Fly (1986). The special effects are more than serviceable for B-movie fans. But on the scales of decency, the effects are definitely outweighed by boobage. There are striptease and sex scenes, shower scenes, skinny-dipping and just plain standing around topless scenes. Every opportunity to show breasts was readily presented.

The closest thing to a hero in this schlocky movie is Lynn’s biographer Ross (Drew Godderis; Cannibal Hookers, Blood Diner, Deep Space), who takes a break from writing her memoirs to try to save her from vanity-induced murderous space-mania and notify the public of the threat.

All told, this was a laughably bad movie loaded with nudity but not overly raunchy, and it at least makes an effort with the creature effects and number of horror scenes. Still, I wouldn’t dare recommend it.

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