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Best of 2011

December 30, 2011

Hello all. Mark here.

2011 was a superb year for movies. I had a hard time picking out the number one film. I picked Warrior because I want it to find a larger audience. I’m hoping it blows up on Blu Ray.  If you haven’t watched any of these films check them out now.  Comment. I want conversations.

1. Warrior-Please watch this. Tell your friends to watch this. Tell your friends to tell their friends to watch this. This movie was criminally under watched. It hurts my soul that it bombed in the theaters. This movie features some of the best scenes and acting of the year. The blu-ray is loaded with extras too.

2. Take Shelter-One of the most powerful films you will ever see. It is impossible not to feel dread when viewing this film. The conclusion will punch you in the gut. Michael Shannon needs to win an Oscar and director Jeff Nichols will be a major force in the independent film world. Listen to the song “Shelter” by Ben Nichols right after you watch the movie.

3. The Guard– Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson are the best couple of the year. This movie is offbeat, funny, surprising, smart and insane. Brendan Gleeson deserves  an oscar nomination because he plays a character so smart that he makes everyone think he is dumb. Also, Cheadle wears fabulous duds…you will know what I mean

4. Like Crazy– I loved this movie like crazy. I know that is kind of lame but I loved every moment of it. It made me want to buy a 7D and write a screenplay. This is the kind of love story that only comes along once in a while. This is a movie that does not feel fake and doesn’t seem too depressingly real.  It is on par with Lost in Translation, Say Anything and Once.

5. The Trip– I did not want this trip to end. I could watch this movie everyday. Steve Coogan lampoons himself while Rob Brydon charms. This movie is worth the watch for the hilarious ending shot and incredible impersonation contests. Brydon and Coogan engage in Michael Caine and Sean Connery impersonation war!

6. The Descendantsunderstated, relaxed and wonderfully acted. Alexander Payne is a master of creating likable characters and epic journeys that are in no way epic. I like having Alexander Payne around.

6 1/2. Tree of LifeI love Terrence Malick. Sean Penn made an incredibly dumb statement when he said he didn’t understand this film. This is a simple film about a man remembering his youth on the anniversary of his brother’s death. People can look all they want for pretentiousness. What they should see is a beautifully shot film that will stay with you. Watch this. Don’t be intimidated. Enjoy the show.

7. Cave of Forgotten Dreams– Absolutely wonderful. If you love history and crazy German directors you need to watch this film. There is no reason why you shouldn’t see this. It is on Netflix instant HD!

8. DriveDrive is one of the most sensory films ever made. Nicolas Winding Refn was finally able to translate his insanity to the mainstream. The result is badass music, ultra-violence and super coolness. Don’t watch a preview for this film because it totally misrepresents it.

9. 50/50– Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen are the second best duo of the year.  This film hits all the right notes and provides the viewer with three-dimensional characters. I didn’t expect much out of this film and I was totally wrong. I loved the story and friendships.

10. Hanna-Great score, innovative filmmaking, a steadicam shot that will rock your face off. This movie was criminally underrated. Hanna is a unique fairy tale that will leave you happy. The ending is gangster as well.

11. 13 Assassins– The final hour is a bloodbath of epic proportions. Wowza! My girlfriend and I sat on the edge of our seats as the 13 battled 300. The bad guy is a perfect evil foil to the 13 brave men.

12. I Saw the Devil

This is a tough film. It is hard to recommend because it is so violent and dark. However, it is a beautiful looking film that is anchored by two great actors. I Saw the Devil is an unforgettable work of a mad genius. Caution: This film hurts to watch.

13. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

You will like Tucker and Dale. They are nice people who think college kids are killing themselves around them. T&D flips the horror genre on its head and provides the viewer with unique and genuine laughs.

Honorable mentions





Our Idiot Brother


The Artist




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