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John’s Horror Corner: Final Destination 5 (2011)

July 13, 2012

MY CALL: Can I get an amen? Wow! Horror fans, if you felt jaded after part 4 of this series, please give the franchise another chance. This time they not only got it right, but got it at least as well as they ever have. Check out the trailer from our August Preview post. I give this a B-horror “A+”. IF YOU LIKE THIS, WATCH: Parts 1-3 of the franchise (2000-2006). But avoid part 4, The Final Destination (2009), like the plague. For methodical kills, I’d also suggest all three movies from the Cube franchise (1997-2004), of course, the Saw and Hostel series, and the very campy and hilarious Piranha 3D and Jennifer’s Body.

I really loved the first three movies in this franchise. Even though they recycled the same plot with different actors and kills scenarios, I always found them to be very fun. The fourth, however, really dropped the ball. I may have enjoyed a few scenes, but there was a noticeable drop in quality and I was left bitterly distrustful of the series. That said, I had high hopes for this fifth installment which was directed by new blood director Steven Quale, who has never been at the helm of a movie, but assisted Cameron on Avatar. I purchased my ticket willingly and with optimism.

These kids don’t stand a chance…

Not only did this movie make up for the Shakespearian tragedy of its immediate predecessor, but I enjoyed completely unexpected levels of quality. For one thing, they got some funny actors (David Koechner of Anchorman, Waiting; P. J. Byrne of BET’s The Game, Horrible Bosses) who delivered a degree of inter-kill-scene comedy which the other movies lacked. This comedy did not make the exciting anticipation of the next kill any less intense. In fact, these deaths mixed gasp-inducing red herrings, “oh shit” shocking moments, and comedic 80’s-esque execution with excellent CGI effects.

Acupuncture and Lasik surgery.  What could possibly go wrong…?

P. J. Byrne really stole the show. To look at him, he’s clearly no womanizer. But the things he says to woman after woman over the phone remind us of our jackass frat buddies who couldn’t be more rude to the opposite sex. Then there’s Koechner, whose lines are as great as his death scene in the opening act.

Here’s an out-of-left-fielder. I actually enjoyed the 3D. This is the first time EVER that I have seen a movie in 3D without disfavoring it to the standard 2D. My Bloody Valentine was carefully made for 3D enjoyment, but it really seemed second to this. The writing, CGI, kill creativity, tactful cast, humor and production value made for a grippingly funny and overall well-made horror flick.

Very poor dismount.  One of the out-takes from the 2008 Olympic trials.  Little Suzy from Nebraska wanted it so bad.

For its high-budget-B-horror genre, the greatness of this movie was almost unwarranted. It reminded me of another movie which truly shocked me with overall quality: Jennifer’s Body. Both movies may have been deliberately campy, but both also had the actors, writers, direction and effects reserved for films of much greater magnitude and far displaced from the realm of modern horror. Also, the ending, following suit with the rest of the movie, was delivered with a twist so clever that I’ll bet no one sees it coming!

If you love horror see this movie. See it in theaters. Even pay extra to see it in 3-D.

Tony Todd will have a job as long as they keep making these movies.  He’s basically a horror union rep.  He does the same job day in and day out, he keeps getting paid more, and you can’t fire him without a lawsuit.

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