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John’s Horror Corner: The Killer Eye (1999), an erotic horror gone horribly wrong

February 21, 2014


MY CALL:  The horrible erotic horror story of a horny mutant eyeball from the 8th dimension…AWFUL!  MOVIES LIKE The Killer Eye:  I haven’t accidentally stumbled across such a raunchy movie since They Bite (1995), Breeders (1986) and Chillerama (2011)–all of which still paid more attention to the creatures and gore than the sex scenes.  Better Full Moon releases include Hideous! (1997), Puppet Master (1989), Ghoulies (1985) and Seed People (1992) and Head of the Family (1996).

In an effort to discover the “8th dimension” a mad ophthalmological scientist tests his experimental eye drops on a juvenile delinquent (who seems to be a gay prostitute by his lines) .  Distracted by his unreasonably hot and somehow under-sexed wife Rita (ex-adult film star Jacqueline Lovell; Hideous!, Head of the Family), our scientist fails to notice when his test subject dies and his eye mutates to monstrous size and then crawls away.

This was not one of Full Moon’s stronger releases.  It felt like more attention went into the production of the sex scenes than into the special effects of the killer eye monster.  In fact, this is demonstrative of the worst monster effects I’ve seen from a Full Moon release in a long time.  The monster looks like a giant plastic eye with rubber guts.  Even when the monstrous eye “abducts” Rita the scene feels stolen from some cheap porno–down to the overtly redundant shots and lame music.  Even the acting and sets seemed cheap…cheap even for a nudity-rich Full Moon movie!


Like with most adult films, this cheap T’n’A horror flick clocks in at 72 minutes, most of the running time of which was dedicated to sex scenes.  This movie legitimately comes off as if they were trying to make horror porn and then cut out the hardcore stuff.  This eye really gets around, by the way.  It takes advantage of Rita while she’s asleep and then it eye laser-roofies some chick in the shower and has its way with her.  It doesn’t help the porn-vibe that Rita tries to have sex with every man she encounters.  Oh, no, but that’s not all.  This giant pervy eyeball monster then uses its eye laser to control the mind of its last victim’s husband to make him watch and rub his chest while the eye has another go at her, not minutes after the eye shared a shower scene with her!  They may as well have called this movie “Eyegasm.”


So then the eye monster somehow reanimates the juvenile delinquent from whose head it sprang to life.  The eye monster uses the boy’s body to try to communicate with Rita that it’s from another world and needs to procreate.  Being an epic slut, Rita just ignores the quite likely underage kid and tries to have sex with him.


This flick wears on until they basically just end it by scaring the eye back to the 8th dimension with a couple of flashlights, leaving the women ominously pregnant in its wake.

This was so lame.  I’m a proper bro and enjoy some gratuitous nudity as much as the next guy, but this was awkwardly too much.

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