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The MFF Random Data Collection: A Grouping of Cinematic Data That Gives You Answers to Questions You Didn’t Have

October 4, 2017

MFF was just featured in Wired (Thanks Brian Raftery)! I’m stoked that I’m on their radar and I appreciate their appreciation of my anti-metrics. If you’ve been reading the site for some time you know that I embrace the randomness of cinema and I believe that nothing is too trivial to explore. Whether it be Michael Myers driving around or Matthew McConaughey pulling off a miraculous jump in Reign of Fire I love understanding how weird cinematic moments could’ve happened.


McC’s jump was kinda crazy. The dude never dropped.

If you are just learning about my random and sorta dumb data here is a chance to catch up on all of it. These posts have been a blast to put together and I’m stoked that the world is finally realizing how bad Stellan Skarsgard had it in Deep Blue Sea.


  1. Jet Ski Action Scenes Are the Worst
  2. How Far Did the Merman Travel in The Cabin in the Woods?
  3. How Far Did Matthew McConaughey Jump in Reign of Fire?
  4. How Fast can Leatherface Run?
  5. Deep Blue Sea and Stellan Skarsgard
  6. How Far Did Michael Myers Drive in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
  7. How Did the Geologist Get Lost in Prometheus?
  8. People Love a Bearded Kurt Russell
  9. A Closer Look at Movies That Feature the Words Great, Good, Best, Perfect and Fantastic
  10. An In-Depth Look At Movies That Feature Pencils Used as Weapons
  11. Cinematic Foghat Data
  12. Explosions and Movie Posters
  13. The Fast & Furious & Corona
  14. Nicolas Sparks Movie Posters Are Weird
  15. Predicting the RT score of Baywatch
  16. The Cinematic Dumb Data Podcast
  17. What is the best horror movie franchise?
  18. How Fast Can the Fisherman Clean a Trunk in I Know What You Did Last Summer?
  19. It’s Expensive to Feature Characters Being Eaten Alive and Surviving Without a Scratch
  20. How Long Does it Take Your Favorite Horror Movie Characters to Travel From NYC to San Francisco?

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